(PLEASE NOTE: this is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We'll do our best to stick to it, but as things evolve over the summer, some slight tweaks may need to be made.)

This year, once again, we have grouped our events by track -- just like at a conference! There is something in nearly each timeslot for each track -- so if you wish to just do water sports, just learn about the arts and history of the area, or just do all the strenuous hikes -- you can do so. Of course, you can mix and match activities, as always. The tracks are there to help give some general structure to the activity offerings.


BOAT & FLOAT TRACK I [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Delaware River Rafting. Join us on a leisurely 10-mile self-guided beginner white water rafting trip on the Delaware River. There will be 4-6 of us in each raft; no guide needed. The Delaware is a gentle river, with rapids no higher then Class II; it is suitable for rafters of all experience levels. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while paddling beneath cliffs and spectacular rock formations as the breathtaking panorama of the Catskill and Pocono Mountains unfolds above, and the crystal clear waters of the Delaware river gurgle below. We'll float on "flat" moving water, and through three Class II rapids, while watching for the bald eagles that are frequently spotted overhead!

At the end of the trip we will make a short stop at the Zane Grey Museum, dedicated to the "father of the American Western", and look at the Roebling Bridge. This is a unique suspension bridge designed by the architect for the Brooklyn Bridge. It actually carried the Delaware and Hudson canal OVER the river! Cost: $40 (includes transportation and all gear.) Limit 32 people. Drive time from camp: 60 minutes.

***SOLD OUT*** BOAT & FLOAT TRACK II [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Canoe/Kayak the Delaware River. Enjoy spectacular scenery as you paddle beneath cliffs and spectacular rock formations while taking in the breathtaking panorama of the Catskill and Pocono Mountains. Dam releases from five different dams ensure that the Class I-II whitewater keeps running all summer long. This is an intermediate canoe/kayak trip, and you MUST have some whitewater paddling experience. Sit-on-tops, sit-ins, and touring kayak styles available. Kayaks offer the ability to be on the river with a group of people but yet afford the opportunity to be an individual. We'll travel alongside the rafts, and will be on-river for approximately four hours. Cost: $42 (includes transportation and all gear.) Limit 12 people. Drive time from camp: 60 minutes. ***NOTE: This event has SOLD OUT and you can no longer register for it***

VINES & WINES TRACK [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Hudson Valley Winery Tour. On this tour, we'll visit a "green" winery, taste some spectacular wines, and enjoy the scenery of the magnificent Hudson Valley. Our day begins with a visit to Stoutridge Winery, where winemaker Steve will show us his eco-friendly establishment. From solar power, to additive-free wine, to gravity filtration -- Steve's practices have earned his winery a "green" certification, and his wines have a unique flavor and aroma that must be sampled. He also plans to have fruit vodkas ready for tasting by September! We'll then pick up gourmet box lunches in town, and head over to the scenic BenMarl winery. We'll have lunch in their shaded picnic grove high above the surrounding countryside. After a leisurely tasting there, we'll head up to Glorie Farm Winery, where owner Carl will take us out into the scenic vineyard for an orientation and tour. Then we'll head inside to taste their unique fruit wines. Depending on group desires, we'll either head back to camp, or detour up to Adair Winery for a tasting of another group of unique-tasting wines. Each winery on this tour has very distinctive wines that set them apart from others you may have sampled elsewhere. All are fabulous in their own way, and we're excited to be able to share them with you! Cost: $42 (includes tastings, souvenir wine glasses, gourmet lunch and transportation); Limit 15 people. Distance from Camp: 60 min. at furthest point of tour.

***Cancelled*** ADVENTURE TRACK I [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Rock Climbing in the Gunks (Top-Rope). Recognized as one of the outstanding climbing centers in the United States, the "Gunks" offer a wide variety of high quality climbing opportunities at every level from beginner to expert. Easy access to the climbs and the friendly nature of the area combine to provide a comfortable atmosphere which makes for a great learning environment. With our guides, we'll start the day by taking an intensive look at some of climbing's crucial safety procedures like knots, anchors and the method for safeguarding the climber with the rope (called the "belay). Then we'll do a short, moderate climb which will give you a chance to see how you feel operating in the vertical environment. After assessing and evaluating the natural aptitude and ability of each participant (in groups of four), the guides will plan the climbs for the rest of our day. All skill levels are encouraged; we'll break into groups of four based on previous experience. Cost: $132; Limit 16 people. Drive time from camp: 60 minutes. ***NOTE: This activity has been canceled and you can no longer register for it***

***SOLD OUT*** ADVENTURE TRACK II [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Shangri La Minnewaska Bike Ride & Swim. Challenging and exciting ride along old carriageways with beautiful viewpoints of the Hudson Valley. Minnewaska State Park Preserve is a mecca for mountain bike riders. Trails are wide, hard-packed, dirt carriage roads, and this 11-mile loop is a rider’s taste of heaven, with overlooks and panoramic vista points along the way. Nestled among the craggy cliffs of dazzling white conglomerate bordered with evergreens and hardwoods is the clear, deep, blue-green Awosting Lake. This “Shangri-La” posesses incredible beauty, and we'll stop here to cool off. The carriage roads gradually climb from 1,200' to 2,000' and drop to about 1,800' during the course of the ride. There are short ups and downs, but nothing too strenuous, as well as a fair share of level riding. Bring Mountain or hybrid bicycle. No road bikes. Bicycle helmets are mandatory. Use a backpack or saddle bags to carry water and a snack. Cost: $42 for bike rental/No charge if bring your own bike. Note that if you bring a bike, you will need to provide your own transportation; Limit 15 people. Drive time from camp: 45 minutes. ***NOTE: This event has SOLD OUT and you can no longer register for it***

EASY HIKE I [Pre-Paid Add-on]: The Trapps - Old Minnewaska Trail Hike and Swim (with optional Winery Visit) From the hike start at the Trapps Bridge in the Mohonk Mountain Preserve, we will walk along the Undercliff Trail, below a high vertical cliff of bright conglomerate where rock-climbers are busy at work. Amazing views can be see of the Walkill Valley’s hamlets and farms, with the Fishkill Ridge and Hudson Highlands beyond the village of New Paltz below. At the halfway point you’ll come to the Rhododendron Swamp, where many rare plants are found. We will then hike to the Overcliff, from which you can see the entire east-facing silhouette of the Catskills. After crossing a stream we will descend gradually on the Old Minnewaska Trail through hemlocks and then end our day at Split Rock, a waterfall and swimming hole with some natural waterslides slightly further downstream. Total hike length is 5.5 miles, so is on the moderate side of Easy (or the easy side of moderate!). While waiting for the other Mohonk hikes to finish, we'll hop on the bus and head 12 minutes up the road to the picturesque Whitecliff winery for a tasting of their elegant European-style wines. Cost: $6 (Fee to enter Preserve); plus pay as you go for tasting fee of (TBD) at Whitecliff Winery; Elevation gain 555'; Descent of 825' (end at different point than start). Average grade = 6 (elevation change of 6 feet for every 100 feet walked). Limit 28 people (Two groups of 14). Drive time from camp: 60 minutes.

***SOLD OUT*** MODERATE HIKE TRACK I [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Awosting Falls, Peters Kill, Split Rock Hike/Swim in Minnewaska State Park. This is a 4.5-mile (3 ½ hour) moderate hike with some easy rock scrambling along a babbling mountain stream with an option for a short swim at the end of the hike. We'll start the day at Awosting Falls, a 60’ plunge into a broad pool in Minnewaska State Park. From there' we'll follow the High Peters Kill trail which is one of the finest, most varied trails in the Shawangunks. This trail climbs to the top of the Peters Kill cliffs with blueberry bushes abound and then descends and crosses the Peters Kill brook. We will follow Peters Kill upriver passing numerous cascades, chutes, and rocks worn by stream action. Non hikers beware - there are some short, steep sections on this portion of the hike. We'll then turn uphill, climbing 450 feet up to the ridge separating the Peters Kill from the Coxing Kill to rejoin the High Peters Kill trail. We'll then head back downhill to the Coxing Kill area. Once at the end of the trail we will come to Split Rock, a waterfall and swimming hole with some natural waterslides slightly further downstream. Cost: $6 (Fee to enter Preserve). Elevation gain approx 450 Feet in a short 1 mile section of the trail [we will start at 1400 Feet and end at 700 Feet]. Limit 15 people. Drive time from camp: 60 minutes. ***NOTE: This event has SOLD OUT and you can no longer register for it***

MODERATE HIKE TRACK II [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Hike to Bonticou Crag and Table Rock. This is a 4-5 mile moderate hike, with an optional strenuous rock scramble. This hike is one of the best in the Shawangunks. This outing includes some easy walking through a deciduous forest, has sweeping views of the Catskills and other regions, plus best of all a challenging rock scramble on the talus of the Bonticou Crag. This outcrop of white, shining Shawangunk conglomerate rises unexpectedly like a mirage from the valley floor and can be seen in the distance from many directions. The 150' rock scramble is an adventure in itself but should not be tackled by folks with inflexible bodies. A good head for heights is an advantage, and both hands and feet will be needed to make the ascent, though the rock offers great handholds and grip. The scramble can be bypassed by the Northeast Trail, affording an easier route to the top of the cliff.

After lunch, we will then travel on to Table Rock a stunning area of rock outcroppings with very deep crevices. Along the way, we'll be rewarded with views of field and forest scenery, with many wildflowers. After returning to the starting point, if time allows, we'll take a short hike on the Chapel trail to end our hike at Clove Chapel. Total hike time: 4-5 hours; depending on time taken for the rock scramble. Cost: $6 (Fee to enter Preserve). Elevation gain 800'. Limit 15 people. Drive time from camp: 60 minutes.

STRENUOUS HIKE TRACK I [Pre-Paid Add-on]: Hike to Millbrook Mountain and Gertrude's Nose from the Trapps. This strenuous 9.1-mile (approx 6 hours) figure-8 loop hike within the Mohonk Preserve climbs to the summit of Millbrook Mountain along spectacular cliffs of Shawangunk Conglomerate that offer expansive views over the surrounding countryside. Views include the Hudson Valley, Minnewaska State Park, and the Catskills. The trail alternates between rock slabs and soft pine-needle forest with cool streams. The hike continues on to Gertrude's Nose, with its impressive cracks and crevices, free standing boulders, smooth slabs, and expansive views to the east. Other trail highlights include highbush blueberries, a ravine that was the site of a "salted" gold mine scam, hemlock forests and cool mountain streams. Cost: $6 (Fee to enter Preserve). Elevation gain: 800'. Limit 12 people. Drive time from camp: 60 min.

***CANCELLED*** STRENUOUS HIKE TRACK II [Included]: Table and Lone Bushwhack Hike. Venture to one of the remote corners of Catskill Park. The hike starts off along the East Branch of the Neversink River which it crosses at the Denning leanto. The trail then continues up Table Mountain passing a few excellent views along the way. After attaining the summit of Table, the real adventure begins. Following either GPS or compass we will bushwhack our way over to trailless Lone Mt. and sign in at the orange canister. The bushwhack is generally through open woods, so not bad as bushwhacks go. Then after reaching the summit of Lone, we descend to the Neversink and retrace our steps out and back to civilization. Total hike distance: 10 miles. Elevation change 1900';. Limit 10 people. Drive time from camp: 60 min.***NOTE: This Event has been cancelled due to lack of interest and you can no longer register for it.***


EASY HIKE TRACK I [Included]: Visit Basha Kill Wildlife Management Area. The Basha Kill Wetlands: The largest freshwater wetlands in southeastern New York consist of some 3,000 acres of wetlands and uplands. The landscape offers scenic views and an unmatched natural setting for hiking, canoeing, bird watching and fishing. Above all the Basha Kill is a place to breathe deeply, to feel the beauty and peace of a unique, unspoiled place in nature. It is home to over 200 species of birds; 30 varieties of fish, including the remarkable, "prehistoric" bowfin; the bald eagle; many plants; reptiles; amphibians; mammals and insects. It is always an adventure to watch a Great Blue Heron lift off and fly across the water. We'll walk around and see what we see. Bring a camera, sturdy shoes (the trail may be muddy in places), water, and snacks. No charge. Limit 15 people. Drive time from camp: 20 minutes.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK I [Included]: Boating/ Swimming in Camp. The waterfront at the lake will be open this morning for boating around the lake, swimming, sunning, etc. Unlimited.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK II [Included]: Sports and Fitness at Camp. There are gorgeous tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and other sporting fields available and open for your use, and the camp has a fitness center, as well. Work out, grab a partner, get a group together, hit some balls, shoot some hoops... then go cool off in the lake.... Unlimited.


ARTS & HISTORY TRACK I [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Visit Bethel Woods Museum. Spend an afternoon at The Museum at Bethel Woods -- an immersive and captivating multi-media experience that combines film and interactive displays, text panels and artifacts to explore the unique experience of the Woodstock festival, its significance as a culminating event of a decade of radical cultural transformation, and the legacy of the Sixties and Woodstock today. It sits on the site of the original Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969. Cost: $15 (includes admission and transport.) Limit 15 people. Drive time from camp: 20 minutes.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK I [Included]: Pool Open in Camp. The two Olympic-sized pools will be open this afternoon for swimming, sunning, reading, or just hanging out. Lifeguards will be on duty. Unlimited.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK II [Included]: Archery. Practice your target shooting at the camp archery range. All skill levels welcome. Limit 16 people.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK III [Included]: Sports and Fitness at Camp. There are gorgeous tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and other sporting fields available and open for your use, and the camp has a fitness center, as well. Work out, grab a partner, get a group together, hit some balls, shoot some hoops... then go cool off in the pool.... Unlimited.

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