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Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America brings Jewish outdoor enthusiasts together  to enjoy, celebrate, and explore the great outdoors.

Mosaic Outdoor Clubs are located in the United States, Canada and Israel. Our international non-profit, all-volunteer-run organization, promotes appreciation of the outdoors, nature, outdoor skills and conservation while helping to build Jewish community and continuity. Join a club near you or start one and get outside!


Check out last year's event!

Hosted by Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America

It's Summer Camp for Grown-ups

It was on September 1st - 5th 2016

Held near Canada's Capital City of Ottawa, Ontario

We hold an event every Labor Day Weekend.

Click Here to check out the past 26 years of events
Consider next year to come take your vacation with us!

Here are just a few of the amazing highlights from the past 2016 Event: