What's New for 2007?: The exciting new stuff this year is the location at a top-of-the-line Retreat Center, and the fact that we're at a fully kosher facility.... But that doesn't have a lot to do with registration. What's really important to tell you here is about our registration process.

Since it worked out so well the past two years, once again when you register you'll sign up for ALL your weekend activities, not just the pre-paid ones! As we saw the past couple of years, this process ensures that the first folks to register get to do the stuff that they want to do. Second, it eliminates the craziness of on-site activity sign-ups. Third, it helps us with planning. If something seems popular, we may add another instance of the activity, if possible. If something is unpopular, we'll drop it and shuffle our resources in advance.

How will this work?: On the registration form, you'll be prompted to select options for each day (Please select either one full-day event or two half-day events for each day). Upon arrival at camp, you will receive activity listing that you will need to board the bus to each activity. Event leaders will also have a sheet with a list of all folks pre-registered for their event.

So the bottom line is -- if you're not on the list, you don't go to the activity. No exceptions. Maybe this seems a little harsh, but once again we're trying to juggle nearly 75 separate daytime activities for 250 people, and there is just no other way we can do this and keep things straight while keeping our sanity!

How can you help us?: Please take the time to read about all the activities on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Talk to your friends. Plan your weekend and then register for the Event and for your preferred activities. Everything we have planned will be awesome! We have conducted a couple of scouting weekends, have spoken extensively with Atlanta club members, and have pared activities down to the absolute best that the area has to offer. So, no matter what you choose -- you'll have a blast.

What's the catch?: Well, the only catch is that the sooner you decide, the better chance you have of getting the activities you desire. Once an activity is full -- it will close. The regular price will be in effect through July 31st. After that, a late fee will be added. So it makes sense to decide early. Registration will close for good at midnight on August 23rd. No exceptions.

Okay, I get all that. So, how do I register?! Wer're sorry, but registration for teh 2007 International Event closed at midnight on August 23rd. We'll see you in 2008!

Cancellation Policy and Fine Print
Mosaic reserves the right to make appropriate and necessary changes to cost and schedule and to assign people to buses based on efficient and reasonable loading capacity.

Registration is now CLOSED for the 2007 International Event!!!! We look forward to seeing you in 2008!

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