What is the Mosaic International Event?
In short, summer camp for adults. The Mosaic International Event is held every year on Labor Day Weekend. It gives Mosaic members from all over the world the opportunity to spend time with each other, enjoy the outdoors and explore Judaism in a natural setting. We stay at a summer camp and do all kinds of outdoor activities. The activities change every year depending on the locale. This year, the event will include hiking, biking, nature walks, rapelling, whitewater rafting, tubing, kayaking, segway tours, and visits to local historical sites, galleries, natural attractions and more! Thursday night we'll have icebreaker games and a night hike. We're still working on the remainder of our evening activities, but they definitely will include dancing, workshops and lots and lots of fun! Campfires are part of the event each night, as well.

What are the details for this year?
This year, the event runs from Thursday August 30th through Monday September 3rd, 2007. We'll be staying at Camp Ramah Darom an Clayton, GA. We'll be providing bus service from Atlanta Airport (ATL) which is approximately two hours from camp, at a nominal fee.

How much does it cost?
Pricing is $385M/$435NM though through July 31st. During August, a late fee will increase the price to $435M/$485NM through August 23rd. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after August 23rd.

Registration is now open. Visit the registration page, read all the fine print, then click on the link at the bottom of the page. Early registration is recommended. Based on the response to previous International Events and due to space limitations for several of the activities, the event will likely sell out. Your payment includes many activities, evening programs, food and lodging in summer camp cabins with bathrooms, aand much more! Bus transportation from ATL will be available for an additional $40.00.

How do I get there?
Mosaic will be coordinating bus transportation to Ramah Darom from Atlanta airport (ATL). The cost is $40. Please plan to arrive at ATL no later than 1:30 p.m. on 8/30 to catch the MOCA bus. If you absolutely cannot arrive in time, please let us know and we'll try to arrange a car or van pick-up. Mosaic does reserve the right to make appropriate changes to the schedule and to assign people to buses and vans based on efficient and reasonable capacity loadings.

When should I plan to fly home?
Please make your flight home for 1:30 p.m. or later on Monday, September 3rd.

How do I register?
Online registration is now open. The activities have been posted under the various Daytime Activities tabs on this website. Simply click on a link at the bottom of the "Registration" page to get to the registration pages. Please take the time to review the activities before you register as you need to sign up for activities in advance.

Do you need my travel information?
Yes. If you are using our transportation, please make sure to provide your travel information so we know when and where to find you! If you don't have it now, that's okay. Just shoot us an email as soon as you know your plans.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
Cancellations prior to July 25, 2007 are subject to a $20 processing fee and all credit card fees. Cancellations prior to August 15, 2007 are subject to a 25% cancellation fee. NO refunds on registrations cancelled on or after August 15, 2007. Cancellations will only be refunded after the event. MOCA limits the refund to the actual reservation payment.

Who goes to the event?
People that want to have fun!: Jewish adults of all ages from all religious backgrounds, some more observant than others. Previous participants have come from all over the US, Canada, and even Israel.

What are the accommodations like?
Really nice summer camp cabins! Ramah Darom is a fairly new camp, and it shows. We recommend you bring a sleeping bag and pillow. Some will bring sheets and blankets. If you'd like, you can bring your tent. All cabins have toilet and shower facilities in the same building (in some cabins you'll need to go down a flight of stairs to the bathrooms). There will also be a few singles, doubles and couples accommodations available for an extra fee.

What's the food like?
Ramah Darom is a kosher camp; so all food will be kosher. We'll be reviewing menus with the camp in advance to ensure that there is something for everyone. This year we are not allowed to bring any food into the camp, so it's extra important that you carefully denote your dietary restrictions and allergies on the registration form. For full day events, we make brown bag lunches; plenty of snacks will be provided.

What does the schedule look like?
It's amazing! So many gorges and so little time!!!! Click on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday tabs to see your activity options!

What if I can't make it in on Thursday, or need to leave early?
That's ok with us; we'll leave the light on for ya'. Unfortunately, you'll have to make your own travel arrangements. But, please let us know the details. Please note also that there is no discount for late arrival or early departure this year.

What if there is a family emergency?
We certainly hope this isn't necessary, but, in case of an emergency, the phone number to call is: 1-888-MOSAICS. We'll provide additional emergency contact info once you have registered.

What should I bring?
A great attitude!

Ok, what kind of clothes?
The weather this time of year can be quite variable. We suggest you come prepared for both warm and chilly weather (although Labor Day in GA is typically still rather warm). It can be shorts and T-shirts weather during the day and fleece at night, or the other way around. Dressing in layers is a great way to be prepared. Bring hiking boots**, water shoes like Tevas. Bathing suit. Don't forget a raincoat -- if we have enough of them at camp, we are guaranteed dry weather.

** Appropriate gear is required for all activities. Activity leaders may exclude participants from an activity if they determine the individual is improperly attired. Example: Hiking boots or hiking shoes are required on all full day and/or moderate-difficult rated hikes. Please make sure you 'break in' new footwear before the event.

What other stuff?
Highly suggested items: a daypack or fanny pack that can hold a sweater and lunch, water bottle or hydration pack (we'll provide the water). Flashlight and extra batteries. Bug spray and sunscreen. Sleeping bag and pillow. Extra towel. Additionally, you may want to bring Frisbees, compass, stargazing guides, campfire chair, songbooks, trekking poles, hat, folding shovel (for full-day hikes), binoculars, field guides (bird / plant / mushroom / mineral), camera, deck of cards, toiletries, required medicines, etc.

What should I bring my stuff in?
Guess where those cute little suitcases with wheels don't work very well? Yep, you got it, a summer camp. The suitcase works fine, just don't expect the wheels to be too effective. Many people will pack their stuff in soft-sided duffle bags or backpacks. This also makes loading the buses easier. Also, we'll try to get the buses close to the cabins, but you may have to carry your bags a little bit.

What are the Liability Waiver and Photo Image Forms?
All participants must sign the waiver form before attending the event as part of the registration process. This clarifies everyone's roles and responsibilities. Signing the form (or agreeing to its terms electronically) is a requirement for participation in the event. Mosaic also wants to be able to use pictures taken at the event on our website, in printed material and in general publicity. Your signature on the form (or agreeing to its terms electronically) indicates your understanding that some pictures may be used in this manner.

What is MOCA?
Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America (MOCA) is a non-profit organization focused on bring Jewish Adults together where they can experience and explore the outdoors and the Jewish experience, history and background in environments that promote Jewish learning, continuity and community. Mosaic has more than 20 clubs in the United States, Canada and Israel. Visit the main MOCA website at www.mosicoutdoor.org

I didn't know there was a Mosaic Club in Atlanta! Tell me about it!
Mosaic Outdoor Club of Georgia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to organizing outdoor, active, and environmental activities for Jewish adults. Mosaic serves Jews of all ages, both married and single, who share a love for nature and the outdoors. Join us for hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, backpacking, skiing, rollerblading, skating, volleyball, horseback riding, and more!!! Non-members are always welcome to join us for our events. Learn more by visiting us at www.mosaicga.com

What if I have more questions?
Email us or call 1-888-MOSAICS for more info.

Bring your spirit of adventure. Expect a great weekend of outdoor fun. Take home some new friends and great stories.

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