This year we have a great variety of Daytime Activities planned -- nearly all geared to showcase Georgia's Gorgeous Gorges (okay, and some of the amazing gorges of NC and SC too!).

What makes this area so unique is the copious rainfall it receives throughout the year, which allows for a rainforest-like feel to many of the trails, and an abundance of some of the coolest plants and fungi seen anywhere.

Of course, with so much water, we also plan to get on it in rafts, duckies, kayaks and tubes... and to get in it (under waterfalls, in creeks, in swimming holes) as much as we can!

Clicking on each blue indented tab on the left (e.g., Friday) will bring up a listing and description of that day's activities. On each day you will be able to choose one full-day or two half-day options when you register.

Please be certain to become familiar with all your choices before registering. We know there is a lot to choose from -- but you really can't go wrong. We have pre-tested everything we are offering this weekend, and we know you will have a great time, whatever you choose to do! So click away, and start discovering the amazing treats that Georgia's Gorgeous Gorges will provide!

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