Registration is now closed. We'll see you in 2010!

How can you help us?: Please take the time to read about this year's International Event. Talk to your friends. Plan your weekend and then register for the Event. There will be some flexibility to change your mind at the event, but that may not be possible with the events that are limited to a certain number, or where an extra fee is involved. Everything we have planned will be awesome! We have pared activities down to the absolute best that we can offer. So, no matter what you choose -- you'll have a blast.

What's the catch?: Well, the only catch is that the sooner you decide, the better chance you have of getting the activities and accommodations you desire. Once an activity is full -- it will close. The regular price will be in effect through July 31st. After that, a late fee will be added. So it makes sense to decide early.

Okay, I get all that. So, how do I register?: Registration is now closed. We'll see you in 2010.

NOTE: To make changes like adding Flight Info, you can access your account through this link. Note that you cannot add any paid options or make changes to paid options after the fact. Contact us if you have any financial option changes after you register.

Cancellation Policy and Fine Print
Mosaic reserves the right to make appropriate and necessary changes to cost and schedule.
Cancellations prior to July 31, 2009 are subject to a $20 processing fee and all credit card fees.

Cancellations prior to August 15, 2009 are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

NO refunds on registrations cancelled on or after August 15, 2009.

Cancellations will only be refunded after the event.

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