Who is this retreat for?
This retreat is for all who want to learn more about leadership, or about Judaism in the outdoors. You do not need to be a current leader of a Mosaic club. You do not even need to be a current member of a Mosaic club!

Mosaic Outdoors Clubs of America (MOCA) is subsidizing this retreat substantially, in order to support leadership development among the membership. This is why we can offer this quality program for such an incredibly low price. It is also why non-mosiac members must pay more. (but still an incredibly low price!!)

What are the travel guidelines?
The magic time is 1:30 pm. Please arrive at Denver International Airport (DEN) before 1:30 pm on Thursday October 23, 2008.

Please arrange to depart Denver AFTER 1:30 pm on Sunday October 26, 2008.

Our arranged transportation to and from the retreat center will be working with this schedule. If you do not travel within these parameters, we cannot guarantee transportation. We will be unable to give refunds. The bus will still cost us the same amount, even if you are not on it!

Can I wait to register?
We’re not kidding here, Estes Park fills up!! The locals love it, and October is high demand season. We have reserved a minimum number of rooms, and we will only reserve more when we get your registration. If you wait to register, we cannot guarantee there will be space. So get on it!! We want you with us!

What will the Schedule be?
Friday and Saturday will be in fabulous sessions one full day inside, and one full day outside! Excerpts from some of the planning discussions are below.

Not to worry, we will be reserving campfire rings in the evenings! We will be having a Havdallah under the stars. We will have free time to enjoy the facilities and the surrounding area. Other evening plans are still in development. If you have ideas or contributions, please contact one of the chairs.

FRIDAY will be with a professional leadership and organizational consultant. The day will be a mix of presentations, group work, and individual work, specially formatted to meet the needs of Mosaic leaders.

JVA’s method in facilitating leadership retreats is highly interactive; we avoid PowerPoint presentation and sage on the stage lectures. Some activities engage participants with one another, as peer learning has proven especially effective for adult learners. We also use drawing and writing in our sessions, along with guided discussion, so that participants are drawing on their diverse learning and sharing styles.

Some of the topics on the agenda:

For more info on this consultant, www.JVAconsulting.com

SATURDAY will be with "The Adventure Rabbi" Rabbi Jamie Korngold. Rabbi Korngold runs a "synagogue without walls" in Boulder Colorado. All the programming she does is out of doors, and we will be too. We will spend all Shabbat day hiking in the mountains as the Rabbi shares with us her experiences of combining Judaism and the outdoors to be more meaningful. The Adventure Rabbi program has been enormously successful, and especially with the 20s-30s age group. Rabbi Korngold is taking time from her book promotion tour to be with us, we are lucky to have her.

Here is some of what Rabbi Korngold wrote about the plan for our day:

During this Shabbat program, participants will learn how to integrate Jewish teachings and ritual with outdoor adventure. Based the teachings in her book God in the Wilderness, Rabbi Korngold will show participants how to use the spiritual springboard many of us already feel outdoors, to create meaningful Jewish experiences.

Our hike begins along Big Thompson River. The terrain is easy, but inspirational. It is perfect for people who have only just arrived at altitude. If the leaves are still on the trees, we will be treated to a delightful display of golden aspens, as we make our way to Moraine Park. Named after distinctive geological formations. Moraine Park is a wonderful place to learn a little local geology. And, if we are fortunate, we will get to hear the elk bugling as this is prime elk habitat!

Along the way Rabbi Korngold will gather the group for teaching moments as well as explanation of methodology. For example, she will explain not only why she chose a piece of text for discussion, by why she chose that particular spot or time to teach it. There will also be a discussion about how to reach people in their 20s and 30s and how to remove stumbling blocks that might prevent their participation.

During one of these stops we will join together for a morning prayer service. The prayer service is specifically designed for outdoor use and is filled with liturgy using Jewish outdoor themes. Rabbi Korngold will lead the music with her backpacking guitar.

Please note: This program will not be appropriate for observant Jews as it will include carrying and exertion. Rabbi Korngold is a Reform rabbi and her style reflects that.

To learn more about Rabbi Korngold, or the adventure Rabbi program, see www.adventurerabbi.org

Get the first chapter from Rabbi Korngold's book, God in the Wilderness (Doubleday - April 2008): www.GodInTheWilderness.com

What will the accommodation be like?
We will be staying in the Eastside building in Estes Park. The rooms have two sets of bunked beds and a queen-sized bed, with a private bathroom. You will be sharing a room with 2-3 others of the same gender. If this does not meet your needs, there are alternative accommodations, which all cost more, and of course are subject to availability. There are currently semi-private rooms available for a $55 upgrade, and single rooms for $195. For more info on the retreat center, www.ymcarockies.org

What about Meals?
All our meals will be buffet style, so vegetarians or other dietary needs can be easily met. If you would like to discuss Kosher meals, or other dietary needs, please contact the chair of this event.

What about Snacks?
It is always a good idea to have snacks you like to travel with, and especially for our all day hike.

What will the weather be like in October?
Not even the locals will answer this one. As we will be in the mountains, assume it can become colder than you would think, and changes can happen very quickly. Traveling with wool hat and gloves is recommended, AND take them with you each day! Layering, as always, is always the key!

What’s the story with the Elk?
Estes Park is prime elk habitat, and October is elk mating season. As a result, the elk are much bolder than usual, and are easy to find. If we are fortunate, we will get to hear the elk bugling. This is one of the major attractions of Estes Park at this time of year.

Is there anything particular I will need to bring?
Be prepared to contribute to discussions about leadership, your own experiences with leaders, and your personal leadership experiences. What you have learned is not the same as what you have done!

Please bring a copy of all the FORMS your club uses, to compare with other clubs. What does your membership form, waiver form, event sign up form, any other forms, look like?

Altitude affects people differently, so be prepared to carry more water than you usually do. Also advil or whatever you use for headaches, which is not uncommon response in adjusting to high altitude.

Other items to bring:

I am hearing about reimbursements, how do I become eligible?
Some clubs are offering incentives for members to participate in the leadership retreat. Talk about this with your club.

Some workplaces provide educational development stipends for professional development. JVA consulting can provide the credentials and certificates, if needed. See what your workplace offers and requires.

MOCA is a registered 501 C3 charitable organization. We are attempting to raise funds that we can then put toward reducing the price for participants even further! But, we can’t do this alone. We need your help to raise funds. Talk to your community leaders. Mosaic leaders are community leaders.

We have a fundraising letter template for you to use, we will have it available on the website shortly. Please keep checking!

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