The evening schedule is finally taking shape. Here is how the after-dinner hours are shaping up (and all this cool stuff is included with your registration - except for the Saturday night offsite options):

Thursday Evening

Icebreaker Bingo. It is the first night and you want to get to know people, right? This is your opportunity to learn some interesting things about other people, and find people with similar talents and interests. No ice will be harmed during this event.

Icebreaker Dance Primer (not to be confused with Break Dancing on Ice). Learn the masters secrets of partner dancing -- the stuff that every guy wishes every girl would know, and every girl wishes every guy would know. (No prior experience necessary.) At the same time, get a chance to say hello to many of your fellow Mosaic ers.

Nature Slide Show with Dave Liebman.

Our very own nationally-acclaimed nature photographer, Dave, returns for another signature presentation on the local flora and fauna. You ll be both amazed and amused by his sheer talent and dry wit. An event not to be missed!

Night Hike. The forest at night is a completely different place than during the day! Join us as we learn to safely navigate at night using fox-walking skills, as well as our other senses. We ll see a stunning example of rods vs. cones in action, and learn how to maximize chances for survival if lost in the woods at night.

Campfire. Sing, schmooze, and make s mores around the evening campfire.

Friday Evening

Shabbat Service. Welcome Shabbat with prayer, music, and readings. Both an Egalitarian Service and a smaller Traditional minyan will be held.

Slideshow and talk by Adirondack nature photographer Carl Heilman II. Carl Heilman II has been photographing the Adirondacks since 1975, trying to record on film not only the grandeur of the wilderness in the region, but the emotional involvement he has felt as well. By combining an assortment of stimulating slides with a selection of inspirational music, he and his wife Meg have been able to convey both their visions of the Adirondack region and the feeling of the special qualities that only wilderness can provide. Most recently, Carl and Meg have teamed with local folk musicians to produce Wild Visions, a three projector audio visual program about our relationship with the wilderness and our spiritual connection with the Earth. In this new program, Carl takes viewers on a wilderness tour through some of the most special places in the Adirondack Park. Spectacular nature photography of the Adirondack High Peaks, foothills, and waterways is all synchronized to poetic narrative and exceptional Adirondack folk music by Dan Berggren, Dan Duggan, and Peggy Lynn. Included in the selection of slides for the program are some of the images from Carl's panoramic format book, Adirondacks: Views of an American Wilderness.

Shabbat Coffeehouse Encore. Last year s coffeehouse blew everyone away. Two performances really stood out, and we re really excited that both Wendy Kissin and Brian Gross will be joining us again this year. Wendy is a DC-area singer and acoustic guitarist who will captivate us with a blend of folksy and upbeat tunes. Brian is a professional performing musician. He plays solo gigs as an acoustic guitarist in the style of Delta and Piedmont-style blues, and with his popular blues/jump/swing band, BG & The Mojo Hands (www.bgmojo.com).

Campfire. Sing, schmooze, and make s mores around the evening campfire.

Saturday Evening

Havdallah: Celebrate the end of Shabbat with this beautiful service.

HEADLINE EVENT: Peggy Lynn and Dan Berggren in the Theatre!

Peggy Lynn, singer, songwriter and arts educator brings an infectious enthusiasm to all her endeavors. With a sultry, yet powerful alto voice, Peggy gives a clear message of the passion underlying her songs. Peggy ranges from folksy to blues with equal ease, alone or harmonizing with others.

Peggy has recorded four solo CD s and another four with either or both Dan Duggan and Dan Berggren. Collaboration with both these incredible musicians continues to enrich and expand the listener s world with new, original works and fresh arrangements of traditional songs.

Dan Berggren has been collecting, writing and singing folk music of the Adirondacks for the past 30 years. Growing up in the mountains on the land farmed by his mother's family, he's worked in the woods on a forest ranger's crew and a survey crew. Hearing stories and songs from local friends and neighbors, Dan has developed a style that captures the spirit of the mountains.

A familiar voice at coffeehouses, museums, schools and libraries throughout New York State, Dan has also sung at festivals in Vermont, Connecticut, Michigan and Kentucky, and at concerts in Zimbabwe and Bulgaria.

Small Group trip to Painted Pony Rodeo. Capture the excitement of bareback, saddle bronc, and bull riding. Hold on to your cowboy hats during the team roping, calf roping, and steer wrestling, and as the ladies race against the clock in the barrel racing contest. Cheer on these professional cowboys from throughout the country as they compete for nightly cash prizes and a chance at the year-end trophy buckle. As the dust begins to settle in the rodeo arena, follow the sounds of the hottest country music as it flows out between the swinging doors of the Longhorn Saloon. Cost of $20 includes van transport to rodeo and admission to the arena. Depart from Camp by 7:00 p.m.; return to camp by 11:30 p.m. This activity is limited to 30 people.

Small Group trip to Lake George Moonlight Cruise on the Minne-Ha-Ha. Cruise out onto the waters of Lake George in the early darkness of a Saturday evening as lights dance on the shore. Live entertainment. Cocktails and snack bar available onboard. Depart camp by 8:00 p.m.; cruise runs 9:30 - 11:30 p.m. Return to camp by 12:30 a.m. Cost of $22 includes van transport and cruise. This activity is limited to 30 people.

Campfire. Sing, schmooze, and make s mores around the evening campfire.

Sunday Evening

Council of Delegates Meeting and Mosaic Elections.

Workshops. We will have a couple sets of 1.5-hour workshops after dinner (i.e., 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. and 9:15-10:45 p.m.). Details are still being planned (check back as we add information throughout the summer):

In Basic Wilderness First Aid (Roger M.) Learn what to do when help is delayed or it is just not practical to stay put for EMS to arrive. This workshop will look at the  wilderness approach to basic first-aid and add skills that may be needed to help get an injured person back to a roadside pick-up area.

In Attraction & Communications: The Man-Woman Thing (Chaim S.) Chaim Steinberger, Esq., a noted divorce lawyer, will facilitate this workshop discussion on attraction and communication between the genders. Come share your ideas on these vital issues and learn the thoughts and beliefs of your peers and opposites.

In Swing dance lessons and dancing (Roger M.) This workshop will address the basics of 6-count swing. Participants can expect to learn the foundation footwork of side-side-rockstep; plus learn how to lead/follow through an inside and outside turn, she goes- he goes, cuddle-up, and Texas-Tommy among other moves. No partner needed to attend, as leaders will rotate often. Remember you don t want to make all your mistakes with that special someone.

In Slideshow - Tibet and Nepal (Alan W.) Alan Wechsler, a newspaper reporter from Albany, NY has traveled all over the world snapping pictures. This year we'll travel along on Alan's trip through Tibet and Nepal in 2004. Areas of interest include Lhasa and other Tibetan cities, the Annapurna Circuit of Nepal, and the Nepali cities of Pokhara and Kathmandu.

In Improv Workshop (Ruthie L.) In this experiential Improv workshop, participants will enjoy warm-ups and various exercises that foster teamwork and bring out the fun of creative spontaneity. No experience is necessary; just the spirit of adventure, and the willingness to take risks. Follow the "rules" of the game-like exercises, and you'll see there are no mistakes. It's all about fun.

Final Campfire.

Bigger and better than the ones before, this campfire may have a skit or two thrown in for good measure. We will say our goodbyes and schmooze long into the night&.

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