(PLEASE NOTE: this is a tentative schedule and subject to change. We will do our best to stick to it, but as things evolve over the summer, some slight tweaks may need to be made.)

This year we have grouped our events by track -- just like at a conference! There is something in nearly each timeslot for each track -- so if you wish to just try new adventure sports, just learn about the arts and history of the area, or just do all the strenuous hikes -- you can do so. Of course, you can mix and match activities, as always. The tracks are there to help give some general structure to the activity offerings. Please note that there is overlap in many events, e.g., a visit to the New Market battlefield also contains a 2-mile easy walk.

Abbreviations : SNP is Shenandoah National Park . GWF is George Washington National Forest.


ARTS & HISTORY OF THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY TRACK [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Shenandoah Valley Crafts from Past to Present. We ll visit the Virginia Quilt Museum, showcasing more than 150 quilts dating from 1810 to the present; the Virginia Folk Art and Heritage Center; Sunspots Studio, where we ll watch glass-blowers at work and learn about this interesting craft; and visit the Artisans Center of Virginia, with exhibits of 140 of Virginia s finest contemporary artisans and craftsmen. Cost: $20 (includes admission fees and transportation. Lunch extra or bring a bag lunch from camp). Limit 15 people.

CAVES AND CAVERNS TRACK I [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Caverns Tour in the Shenandoahs. Virginia is home to many underground caverns from vast commercialized properties to smaller natural caves. On this tour, we ll explore three of the commercial caverns: Endless Caverns, Shenandoah Caverns, and Luray Caverns. Endless Caverns were discovered in 1879 by two boys and their dog, and they are still being explored today. During our one-hour and 15-minute tour, we ll see stunning displays of calcite formations and will learn about the history and geology of the caverns. At Shenandoah Caverns, we ll see the famous Breakfast Bacon formation featured in National Geographic, soaring rooms such as Grotto of the Gods, and smaller formations such as Diamond Cascade, Capital Dome, and Oriental Garden. Finally, at Luray, we ll take a one-hour tour to see cathedral sized rooms with towering columns, shimmering rock draperies, and crystal-clear pools. We ll hear the sounds of the Great Stalacpipe Organ, which makes music of concert quality from the surrounding stalactite formations.   Cost: $60; includes admission to all three caverns, guided tours, and transportation. Limit 15 people.

[SOLD OUT] CAVES AND CAVERNS TRACK II [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Spelunking - Explore a Wild Cave. Explore the earth from the inside out. Caving is a great sport that heightens the senses as you descend below the earth s surface. Glade Cave is a sporting cave, one of the largest in Augusta County. While it is a horizontal cave, there is much climbing and chimneying to be done, some tight, some exposed. We'll do crawls, big drops, and view some large rooms with cool formations. Wear old clothes and sneakers and plan to get very muddy. Cost: $38; includes instruction, guide, all equipment and transportation. Limit 12 people. This activity is SOLD OUT.

VINES AND WINES TRACK [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Winery Tour I - Horton, Barboursville, Burnley, & Prince Michel. Visit four local wineries: Horton, known for its experimental fruit wines; Barboursville, known for its historic ruins, informative tours, award-winning wines and wonderful picnic lunches; Burnley, a smaller winery with some unique wine flavors; and Prince Michel, known for its self guided wine museum tour, gracious hosts, and award-winning wines. Cost: $38; includes tasting fees, picnic box-lunch, souvenir wine glass, and transportation. Limit 15 people.

BOAT AND FLOAT TRACK [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Canoe the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. We ll take a 7 to 10-mile (depending on the river flow rate) canoe trip on the beautiful South Fork of the Shenandoah. This leisurely section of the river flows through scenic farmland and spectacular mountain views. About 80 percent of the trip is on lazy and slow flowing water, spiked with a few Class 1 rapids. Cost: $35 includes guide, equipment and transportation. Limit 30 people.

NEW ADVENTURE SPORTS TRACK [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Rock Climbing at Hidden Rocks. This is the rock climbing trip for the adventurous beginner  you don t have much experience, but you want a great outdoor day with your Mosaic friends.  We ll hike a scenic 20 minutes through rhododendron and hemlocks and across some mountain streams to a secluded sandstone cliff.  You ll be introduced to harnesses, knots, helmets, and the belay system; then we ll try some easy warm-up climbs.  We ll then go on to some harder climbing that invites you to try new skills and movements. Cost: $40 includes guide, all equipment and transportation. Limit 15 people.

[SOLD OUT] MODERATE HIKES TRACK I [Included]: Hike to Mary s Rock/Pinnacle from Jewel Hollow in SNP. A 6.8-mile hike on one of the most picturesque sections of the Appalachian Trail (AT), featuring outstanding views along the crest of the Blue Ridge . Mary's Rock offers a near 360 degree view and is one of the finest viewpoints in the park. 1000 elevation gain. Limit 15 people. This activity is SOLD OUT.

MODERATE HIKES TRACK II [Included]: Hike the Rose River/Dark Hollow Falls Loop in SNP. This 6.4-mile hike follows the Rose River through hemlocks to Rose River Falls , a 25 cascade into a deep pool. It then passes an old copper mine and climbs to Dark Hollow Falls , a 70 picturesque waterfall. The hike then joins the Story of the Forest Trail, an interpretive nature trail back to the start. 1400 elevation gain. Includes two of the best waterfalls in the park. Limit 15 people.

[SOLD OUT] STRENUOUS HIKES TRACK I [Included]: Hike the Ramseys s Draft, Jerry s Run and Shenandoah Mountain Trails in Ramsey s Draft Wilderness in GWF. There aren't many places left along the east coast of North America where you can experience what the Appalachians were like before the hand of man passed over the mountains. This is one of those special places. The entire Ramsey's Draft valley is quite beautiful, and the mountain ridges that ring the valley are secluded and wild. The handful of views from Shenandoah Mountain, which forms the western edge of this Wilderness, reveal ridge after ridge of mountains marching off to the horizon. What better location to get a sense of "being in the mountains". This is a 10-mile hike through pristine wilderness, including stream crossings. Elevation gain approximately 750'. Limit 12 people.This activity is SOLD OUT.

STRENUOUS HIKES TRACK II [Included]: Hike to Kennedy Peak in GWF. If you are a  Sweeping View kind of hiker, this one is for you. This is a moderate 9-mile circuit hike on Massanutten Mountain . There are views as you both ascend and descend the ridge as well as at the focal point of the hike, Kennedy Peak . From there you get an unobstructed view of the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains to the east. On a clear day you can almost see Front Royal to the north. The trail is well maintained although rocky in places. 1500 elevation gain.  Limit 12 people.


[SOLD OUT] MODERATE HIKES TRACK [Included]: Hike to Bird Knob on Massanutten Mountain in GWF. This 4-mile moderate hike visits two spectacular viewpoints of the Shenandoah Valley and the North Fork of the Shenandoah River to the West. You ll ascend through the woods and past some impressive rock formations. The path is steep in places, but provides good footing. Limit 15 people. This activity is sold out

NATURE WALKS AND EDUCATION TRACK I [Pre-Paid Add-On]: Scenic Chairlift Ride and Nature Walk at Massanutten Resort. Take a scenic chairlift ride to the historic Massanutten Peak . Enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and villages, and explore the summit. Bring a camera! Please wear appropriate shoes and don't forget to bring water. Upon our return to the base, we ll visit the Arboretum and short nature trail that follows a small stream at the base of the mountain. Cost: $10 includes lift ticket and transportation. Limit 15 people.

NATURE WALKS AND EDUCATION TRACK II [Included]: Nature Walk with Dave. Dave Liebman, a world-famous naturalist, will take you on a slow walk finding amazing wildlife at your feet on the trails around camp. Limit 20 people.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK I [Included]: Beginner Horseback Riding. Easy walk through wooded trails at camp. Beginners welcome. There will be two 1.5-hour sessions in this timeslot. Limit 20 people (10 per timeslot).

[CANCELED] CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK II [Included]: Mountain Biking.   Easy to Moderate Mountain Biking on the trails around camp. Bike and helmet will be provided. Limit 10 people. This activity is CANCELLED due to lack of interest.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK III [Included]: High Ropes. High ropes involves participants climbing ladders and traversing logs or wires in the trees to challenge themselves and achieve things they never thought possible. Limit 25 people.   

[CANCELED] CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK IV [Included]: Tennis - Doubles. Tennis is available for those who wish to play. Players will meet to arrange games. This activity is CANCELED due to lack of interest.


ARTS & HISTORY OF THE SHENANDOAH VALLEY TRACK [Pre-Paid Add-on]: Visit New Market Battlefield Park. The three-hundred acre New Market Battlefield State Historical Park , 19th Century Bushong Farm, and Hall of Valor Civil War Museum commemorate a unique moment in American history--- when college boys, Cadets from VMI, engaged in pitched battle and helped win a victory for the Confederate Army. Your visit includes a two-mile self-guided battlefield walk with scenic overlooks of the Shenandoah River, a visit to the Bushong Farm, where you ll explore the impact of the Civil War on Valley residents like the Bushong family, and have the opportunity to learn about Civil War medicine and medical procedures. You ll also visit the Hall of Valor Museum of Civil War History and view the 45-minute, Emmy Award winning docudrama, "Field of Lost Shoes," which brings to life the battle experiences of the soldiers and the Bushong family. Cost: $10 includes entrance fee and transportation. Limit 15 people.

NATURE WALKS AND EDUCATION TRACK I [Included]: GPS Workshop. Ever go on a hike and have trouble keeping up with the leader, not knowing where you are going, and wondering if you would ever find your way out if you lost the leader?  Well take heart.  This is NOT one of those hikes!  This easy hike will go over basic navigation using compass, straight edge, ruler, protractor, graph paper, pencil/pen, and the cheapest of GPS systems.  Bring all items above if you have them, water, and wear boots. Limit 15 people.

NATURE WALKS AND EDUCATION TRACK II [Included]: Fire-Building Skills. Join Maryland Mosaic member, Scout Leader, and First-Aid instructor extraordinaire, Roger Marks, as he teaches us the basics of fire building. From starting a fire using a bow drill, hand drill, and flint and steel to building campfires and bonfires specific to the purpose at hand (boiling water, creating even heat for cooking, etc.), you will learn it all -- and get a chance to practice the skills you have learned. Limit 15 people.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK I [Included]: Moderate Horseback Riding. Horses will walk and trot in the field and on the trails. Experienced riders only. There will be two 1.5-hour sessions in this timeslot. Limit 20 people (10 per timeslot).

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK II [Included]: Mountain Biking.   Easy to Moderate Mountain Biking on the trails around camp. Bike and helmet will be provided. Limit 10 people.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK III [Included]:  Poolside. The 25-meter pool will be open. Relax, read, swim, or just work on your tan! Unlimited.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK IV [Included]: Tennis - Singles. Tennis is available for those who wish to play. Players will meet to arrange games.

CAMP ACTIVITIES TRACK V [Included]: Pick-Up Sand Volleyball. We ll start this activity daily around 3:30 p.m. after some of the all-day events have returned to camp. No registration needed.

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