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Directors of Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America


Directors and Officers
Our Directors and Officers work hard throughout the year to guide activities of the organization and to provide assistance to new and existing local clubs. Officers are elected to staggered two year terms, and at-large directors to one year terms, each year at the North American Jewish Adventure Getaway on Labor Day Weekend. The Directors' and Officers' terms expire Labor Day Weekend of the years listed next to their names.



  • Raymond Ockrant (Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario - Toronto & Ottawa)


  • Vacated


  • Francine Dick (Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario - Toronto & Ottawa)


  • Hillary Brown (Mosaic Outdoor Club of Greater Los Angeles)
  • Vacated
Member-at-Large (2020-2021)
Key Volunteers (non-Directors unless noted)
As a non-profit organization, we are dependent upon, and grateful to, all our volunteers who donate their time and expertise to the success of our organization. The following individuals have volunteered to take the lead on the major initiatives listed. If you would like to assist us with any of these projects, please contact them, or any of the directors listed above, and we will match you up with a volunteer opportunity that fits your interests, schedule and expertise.


Content Manager
Mindy Tumarkin - Mosaic Outdoor Club of Northeast Ohio
Brian Horowitz- Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club of Greater New York

Back-end Technical Support
Andrew Weitzen 

Newsletter Editor
Alan Wechsler