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Directors of Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America


Directors and Officers
Our Directors and Officers work hard throughout the year to guide activities of the organization and to provide assistance to new and existing local clubs. Officers are elected to staggered two year terms, and at-large directors to one year terms, each year at the North American Jewish Adventure Getaway on Labor Day Weekend. The Directors' and Officers' terms expire Labor Day Weekend of the years listed next to their names.


Marlisse Marcus    (2016-2018) - Mosaic Outdoor Club of Greater Los Angeles 


Mindy Tumarkin   (2015-2017) - Mosaic Outdoor Club of Northeast Ohio


Francine Dick        (2016-2018) - Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario


Hillary Brown        (2015-2017) -  Mosaic Outdoor Club of Greater Los Angeles

Director of Volunteer Engagement

Edward Schaefer
Jill Franklin
Norine Goodman     (2016 – 2017) -- Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario - Toronto & GTA
Raymond Ockrant    (2016 – 2017) -- Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario - Toronto & GTA



Key Volunteers (non-Directors unless noted)
As a non-profit organization, we are dependent upon, and grateful to, all our volunteers who donate their time and expertise to the success of our organization. The following individuals have volunteered to take the lead on the major initiatives listed. If you would like to assist us with any of these projects, please contact them, or any of the directors listed above, and we will match you up with a volunteer opportunity that fits your interests, schedule and expertise.





Content Manager
Mindy Tumarkin - Mosaic Outdoor Club of Northeast Ohio
Brian Horowitz- Mosaic Outdoor Mountain Club of Greater New York

Back-end Technical Support
Andrew Weitzen 

Newsletter Editor
Alan Wechsler




Director Profiles


Marlisse Marcus, President

I have been a member of Mosaic of Greater Los Angeles for many years, attending occasional hikes and camping trips. Then, in October 2008 I attended a National Mosaic Leadership Retreat in Colorado and a whole new world had opened up for me J I have been serving on the National Board since 2009 and I have been the Co-Chair of the Jewish Outdoor Escape in 2009 and 2010. This year, I am honored to continue to be the President of this wonderful organization. I have great dreams and hopes for Mosaic, as we enter our 26th year of existence. I hope that by serving on the National Board I’ll be able to bring some of these things to fruition so that future generations of Jewish Outdoor enthusiasts could experience and enjoy the same things I have been fortunate enough to experience.

Mindy Tumarkin, Vice President

I first heard of MOSAIC in 2001, shortly after having moved to NE Ohio from the Chicago area. It sounded like nirvana.....a Jewish group which liked to do the same things I liked to do!!!!! (I grew up hearing that "Jews don't camp" and similar.) I joined as soon as I was able and have been active since. Locally, I've been club President, Vice President/Activities Director, and am currently Secretary. I'm starting my 6th year on the International Board, having served as secretary for 3 years and am starting my 3rd year as Vice President. In my non-MOSAIC life, I work in IT for a major manufacturing company and look after my elderly mother and my furry family (Sterling and Silver, my canine kids). My favorite activities are shopping, ice skating, shopping, hiking, shopping, snow shoeing, shopping, traveling.....did I mention shopping?

Francine Dick, Secretary

Francine has been a member of the Ontario, Canada Mosaic group for more than a decade. She frequently leads hikes for Mosaic and her Toronto Island Beach day is famous. After persistent pestering from other members to attend an International event, she finally made it to the Finger Lakes Escape in 2014 and was hooked. Volunteering to serve on the Board is a natural for her. She is a strong community activist and in 2013 was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of her service. She is active in her synagogue, The First Narayever Congregation, finding strength and community in Judaism, which makes Mosaic a great fit. She would like to see us grow our membership and have stronger local chapters. She looks forward to working with a fantastic and talented Board.

Hillary Brown, Treasurer

Hillary Brown lives in Chicago and first became interested in the outdoors thanks to growing up near a forest preserve and the Chicago Botanic Gardens. She has begun coming to the Jewish Outdoor Escape since 2003 and joined the Board as a member-at-large in 2012. Along with participating in Mosaic both locally and nationally, she works as a paralegal and performs and works behind the scenes with the Savoyaires, a community theater group that specializes in Gilbert & Sullivan.



Scott Berman, Member at Large

Scott originally from Michigan, he now lives in Los Angeles, CA. He first joined Mosaic of Greater Los Angeles about 10 years ago when he went on an outing that explored one of the local botanical gardens. Since he has led many hikes in the LA area. Mostly hiking the streets of LA and Beverly Hills to seek out the local Delis.

Colorado was his first Mosaic international event. He became hooked when he met many nice, interesting and supportive friends. He looks forward to helping the future of Mosaic.


Norine Goodman, Member at Large

I have been a member of Mosaic Outdoor Club of Ontario – Toronto & GTA, Canada since 2013. I enjoy many outdoor activities, even the more challenging ones that take place in Canadian winter weather. I have met many wonderful and diverse people in this organization and have made some fantastic friends. I hope to aid in keeping this great organization going so that I and many others can continue to enjoy the various outings that they support.



Raymond Ockrant, Member at Large

I have been a member of Mosaic of Ontario since 2011. I joined the MOCO board of directors in 2013. In my first year as a MOCO member I didn’t attend any events, in my second year I attended my first canoe trip and I was hooked. Since then I’ve met some great friends and participated in many outdoor events that I would never had done if it wasn’t for MOCO. I am very excited to be serving on this international board and I hope that my contributions go a long way in making Mosaic a vibrant Jewish outdoor organization that inspires all ages and generations for many years to come.