Nature Brochot

All brochot start with:
   Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu Melech Ha- Olam.... --
    You are blessed, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the world....

On seeing or doing anything for the first time in a new season:
....Shechecheyanu, vekiyemanu, hehigianu, lazman hazeh.
    ....who has kept us alive, and preserved us, and brought us to this new season.

On seeing lightning, shooting starts, and other astonishing natural phenomena:
....oseh ma-aseh v-reishit.
    .... who performs the work of creation. (literally, "....who does the doing of creation.")

On hearing thunder, or experiencing earthquakes or tornados:
....shekacha ug'vurato maley olam.
    ....whose power and might fill the world.

On seeing a rainbow:
   ....zocher ha-brit v'ne-eman b'vrito v'kayam b'ma-amro.
    ....who remembers the covenant, fulfills God's pledge and keeps God's word.

On seeing the ocean for the first time in thirty days:
....she-asah et hayam hagadol.
    ....who made the great ocean.

On seeing trees blossom for the first time each year:
....shelo chisar b'olamo davar uvara vo briyot tovot v'ilanot tovim lhanot bahem b'nai adam.
    ....who let nothing lack from God's world, but created in it beautiful creatures and lovely trees for people to enjoy.

On seeing an especially beautiful person, animal or plant:
....she-kacha lo b'olamo.
    ....who has put such things in God's world.

On seeing an unusually formed person or animal:
....m'shaneh habriyot.
    ....who varies the forms of God's creatures.

For fragrant scents of plants, spices and fruits:
....boray miney v'samim.
    ....Creator of various kinds of spices.